Keen Builders is an Alberta-based, family-owned, general contracting and construction management company with offices in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta.  Established in Fort McMurray in 2010, we have been blessed to successfully manage over 50 large and small commercial projects across Fort McMurray, Edmonton, St. Albert, Grand Prairie, and Red Deer – as well as custom homes.  Thankfully, we have a strong list of satisfied clients including small and large independent businesses, Indigenous companies, and Canadian franchise companies and we would be happy to share their contact information with you as references.

More about Keen:

Honesty: we believe that honesty is more than a policy: it is a lived value and a belief that must permeate an entire culture. We work hard to go above and beyond our obligations and commitments, to tell the truth even when bitter, and to act loyally in the best interests of our clients and everyone else we interact with. We care about the big picture. We’re here for the long-term.

Green Building: Keen Builders is working hard towards environmentally conscious building practices, using guides such as LEED, the David Suzuki Foundation, and much more for inspiration and resources.  We are currently in the process of achieving LEED accreditation. Keen encourages building practices that are energy efficient and minimize or eliminate harmful methods of material manufacture and extraction; our intention is to reduce harm to the environment, and to the people who are impacted by our work. We have done extensive research in these areas, and are happy to share our resources with those interested.

Ethics: We strive to implement an ethical approach to all we do. We prefer to employ subcontractors who are local, sustainable, and we avoid supporting companies that directly or indirectly harm local or global communities. Corporations that we source material or services from are vetted for their ethics on multiple levels including impact on the environment – one of our resources for this is the renowned Good Shopping Guide.

Our Team

The immediate Keen Team consists of: Laura Fayad, Ibrahaim Elladen, Fatima Elladen, and Sharafe Elladen who all work together to make your project smooth and successful.  The overall team consists of dozens of people that are our sub-trades and suppliers and they are all equally important to the success of your project: this includes but is not limited to our civil, concrete, electrical, mechanical, framing, roofing, siding, drywall, flooring, finishing, and painting crews as well as all the material suppliers.

Commercial and residential construction projects are complex and require careful stewardship by honest and competent people who can facilitate the entire process including: design input and careful consideration, permits, contracts and contract management, project planning, material and technology selection, procurement, safety, quality management, site planning coordination, change management, engineering, reporting, inspections, close-out, and support.

We have invested a part of ourselves and our family into the success of Keen and the work that we do is meaningful for us at various levels. We attempt to extend that spirit of loyalty and commitment to each of our clients and do so through reliable and transparent work.

We are passionate about construction and about making a real difference in the lives of everyone we interact with – and everyone who will be impacted by our work directly or indirectly.  To us, our clients’ projects are opportunities to be a meaningful part of their lives and to have a hand in the good work they do.

We look forward to discussing your project and if it’s best that we work together may it be so, and if it’s best that someone else leads your project, may you get whatever is best for your needs.

All the best!