Since 2010 we are grateful to have worked for dozens of clients for commercial projects in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta.

This includes work for Canadian commercial franchises and small businesses like Prestige JewellersInternational Travel Services, Cutler and many more.  And large-scale commercial work for clients such as United Class Cabs, Dene Sky, Chandos, Seko Construction among others.

Contact our team for references and details about our experience or submission of a CCDC-11.

If you are considering a commercial construction project, you may find some of this general advice relevant and beneficial, see the general advice on our residential page.

With Keen—depending on the size and needs of the project, whether General Contracting or Construction Management—you can expect:

1. Contracts: Contract management with client—this includes careful and transparent change order management; contracts or purchase orders with trades and suppliers, as well as release forms and statutory declarations to safeguard against liens and legal action.

2. Design & Engineering: Pre-construction consulting, design input and constructability reviews; Green Building recommendations; RFI and change management; and document and permit submission.

3. Construction: Collaborative planning & scheduling; careful trade and supplier selection; stewardship and management of worksite; effective coordination of trades with thorough communication; conflict resolution; Safety Code compliance and proactive safety management; quality control and assurance; and continuous risk analysis and mitigation.

4. Consistent and thorough client reports and communication, including budgeting, estimating, and cost reporting,

5. Closeout and warranty.


We sincerely hope you get whatever is best for you and yours on your project and we would be honoured to be of service to you.

All the best!