As the global economy becomes more complex, our concern as consumers is shifting from the goods or services companies provide to what values these companies uphold. We are becoming more aware of the impact of our decisions—and their ripple effects on the world—and are consequently more principled and intentional in those decisions. Rather than looking at the immediate, superficial—and often misleading—price tag, we look for companies whose values align with our own.

In light of this shifting paradigm, we share below a little about what we believe, who we are trying to be, and what we are trying to be a part of.

The Keen team looks forward to connecting with clients with shared values, whose vision aligns with our own for a safe, thriving, healthy population and planet.

We believe that honesty is the bedrock of healthy individuals, families, and societies. It is more than a policy– honesty is a lived value and a belief that must permeate an entire culture. We try to go above and beyond our obligations and commitments, to tell the truth even when bitter, and to act loyally in the best interests of our clients, and everyone else we interact with.

Various organizations are trying to help us make better, more ethical decisions in business—we use these resources to vet corporations that we source material or services from: ethics in multiple spheres are considered, including the environment, armaments and war, fair trade, animal rights, and more.  A few of the resources we use to help in this regard include:

The Better World Shopping Guide (available from New Society Publishers)

Ethical Consumer

B Corp


Modern living is out of tune with nature, leading to an shift in the global climate, and unprecedented numbers of illnesses tied to toxins in the products we trust won’t harm us—toxins in everything from food & food packaging to home building material. Our collective ‘footprint’ is not a footprint at all: we are adversely affecting ourselves, and every other species on the planet. To restore a balance with nature, we must consciously and intentionally make holistic decisions that take into consideration other people, animals, plants, water, the land, air, and future generations.

We are working towards environmentally conscious building practices, using guides such as LEED, the David Suzuki Foundation, publications from New Society Publishers, and much more for inspiration and resources. Keen encourages building practices that are energy efficient and that minimize or eliminate harmful methods of material manufacture and extraction: our intention is to reduce harm to the environment, and to the people who are impacted by our work. We have done extensive research in these areas, and are happy to share our resources with those interested.

It is exciting to see the green construction movement grow; however, “environmentally friendly” needs to be more than a catch phrase: it has to be a genuine commitment towards living in harmony with all creation It is a long journey, but we can, at least, have big intentions and take meaningful action.

For more on green construction, or environmentally friendly living, check out:

Bullfrog Power


Living Future Institute

We are hopeful about rethinking the organization of our communities, reviving traditional community structures that imbue cooperation and interdependence. Co-housing or eco-village initiatives, and the works of Jane Jacobs, are part of these efforts. The following links provide more detail on this subject:

Jane Jacobs

Urban Green Cohousing

We make a conscious effort to try to support local, Albertan, or Canadian and Indigenous companies.