Keen Builders is an Alberta-based, family-owned, general contracting and construction management company with offices in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta.  Established in Fort McMurray in 2010, we have been blessed to successfully manage small and large commercial projects as well as custom homes, town-homes, and duplexes across Alberta.  Thankfully, we have a strong list of satisfied clients including small and large independent businesses, Indigenous companies, and Canadian franchise companies and we would be happy to share their contact information with you as references.

We have invested a part of ourselves and our family into the success of Keen and the work that we do is meaningful for us at various levels. We attempt to extend that spirit of loyalty and commitment to each of our clients and do so through reliable and transparent work.

We are passionate about construction and about making a real difference in the lives of everyone we interact with – and everyone who will be impacted by our work directly or indirectly.  To us, our clients’ projects are opportunities to be a meaningful part of their lives and to have a hand in the good work they do.

We look forward to discussing your project!



As the world becomes more complex, we are becoming more aware of the impact of our decisions—and their ripple effects in and on our lives and our world.  Such a heightened level of awareness is resulting in ever more people trying to be more principled and intentional in their decisions.  The Keen team is honoured to be attempting to embark on such a journey in our personal and professional lives and looks forward to cooperating with others along the way, whether with trades, suppliers, or clients.




Many organizations help us make better, more ethical decisions in business—we use these resources to vet corporations that we source material or services from: ethics in multiple spheres are considered, including the environment, armaments and war, fair trade, animal rights, and more.  And while none of the resources below is perfect, altogether they help form the Keen Procurement Philosophy:




(Please note that Keen Builders is not yet accredited or certified by these organizations, but uses them as references.)



We are working towards environmentally conscious building practices, using guides such as: 


Keen encourages building practices that are energy efficient and that minimize or eliminate harmful methods of material manufacture and extraction: our intention is to reduce harm to the environment, and to the people who are impacted by our work. We have done extensive research in these areas, and are happy to share our resources with those interested.

For more on green construction, or environmentally friendly living, check out:


For more on green living, or eco-friendly finishing selections, try:



We are hopeful about rethinking the organization of our communities, reviving traditional community structures that imbue cooperation and interdependence. Co-housing or eco-village initiatives, and the works of Jane Jacobs, are part of these efforts. The following links provide more detail on this subject:

Jane Jacobs

Urban Green Cohousing

As part of our support for our community, we intentionally switched to Servus Credit Union – for an idea of some of the local benefits of credit unions see this article.

We make a conscious effort to try to support local, Albertan, or Canadian and Indigenous companies.